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Justin Diles, AIA
Architecture & Design
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Our project demonstrates how 3D concrete printing can be creatively combined with typical wood framing techniques to accelerate the consruction of high-quality urban infill housing.

Many 3D concrete printers can go above one story but can’t quite reach two full stories, creating the opportunity to mix two construction systems.
Our proposal integrates printing with framing and avoids simply plopping a wood framed house on top of a 3D printed concrete base. 
Concrete printing allows curvilinear walls that would be hard to build in wood—but only within the boundaries of the printer. Wood framing is flexible and can easily overhang the bounds of the printed concrete.
Many city lots are deep but narrow. Our project uses a 36’ wide lot as a test case.
Wood framing allows for a crisply prismatic upper story that overhangs and highlights the gentle curves of the printed concrete.

A central 3D printed column is the focal point of the interior. This element houses the stair and other amenities.

Street Elevation
Side Elevation—Entry
Rear Elevation
Additional Views

Project: Print & Frame
Design Team: subject/matter — Justin Diles, AIA; Josiah Poland
3D Printing Consultants: COBOD
Client: Air3D